Defining What Comes Next

Our goal is to provide the most efficient, highest performing products for your business. That’s why we assign expert industry managers to each of our customers so they receive the focused attention needed to enhance the development of their reusable packaging strategies. Using Monoflo’s innovative manufacturing technologies, we will custom engineer our products to exacting specifications to achieve optimum performance for your bottom line.

At Monoflo, we've chosen the path of quality: We leverage the best technology to engineer containers that use fewer raw materials while achieving superior quality and longer product life, not to mention pricing that's the most competitive in the industry. Everything we do is rooted in this belief.



Responsive service

When you call Monoflo, we turn your request in days, not weeks. It’s a simple approach to service. Our team of industry experts views your project as the first of many in an ongoing relationship—and a chance to build a deep knowledge of your operation’s unique challenges. As a result, many of our customers have come to rely on us for years. When you work with us, you get better service—and the best solutions.

Superior engineering

Consider this: Through superior engineering, we reduced the secondary package weight for a client by more than 330 pounds per truckload. This resulted in a reduction of 7.2 million pounds hauled each year, and consequently a tremendous reduction in the gallons of fuel necessary to haul. That is millions of pounds for one customer. Proactive engineering and design services benefit our customers in significant ways every day.

Quality and efficiency

By using prime raw materials and continuously investing in state-of-the art manufacturing technologies and equipment, we’ve optimized our manufacturing process to be the most efficient in the industry. Our manufacturing facilities run 24 hours a day, seven days a week to bring the best possible products to market at the best price.


We provide flexible alternatives to quickly adapt to changes within a customer’s business environment. When a major client recently increased the size of its product packaging, the dimensions no longer fit within standard distribution containers. In response to the change, we designed a container that accommodated the new packaging and the client was able to continue distribution as planned.

Recycling and sustainability

Using less raw material whenever possible while maintaining superior quality and durability, we design and manufacture lighter weight products, which translates to less weight shipped and longer product life. For customers wishing to utilize recycled material in their products, we have an in-house recycling and pelletizing facility to ensure consistent quality feedstocks in the production of our products.