Sustainability is good business—

good for the environment, good for your bottom line. 

More than moving products from manufacturing to retail at the lowest cost and improving delivery quality of the primary package, Monoflo believes that making smarter operational choices that help the environment also help your bottom line.

Through superior engineering, Monoflo is able to reduce the secondary package weight for our customers by hundreds of pounds per truckload. This results in annual reductions of millions of pounds of freight hauled each year, which in turn requires less fuel to move. At the same time, the design of the products we produce ensures they will continue to perform through extended product lifecycles.

As part of our continuing commitment to environmental practices, Monoflo has a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to buy back products that have reached their end of life. These products are grinded and re-pelletized on-site. The resulting materials are used in making superior-quality, recycled containers.

But, sustainable business is not simply recycling and green practices, it’s hiring and retaining the best people. It’s investing in technologies that ensure the products we manufacture will have a longer product lifecycle and will perform for our customers time after time, order after order.