Foldable Containers

When space matters most and you need added flexibility.

Foldable containers provide strong, secure materials handling within minimal space. Monoflo’s foldable containers are durable and reusable while providing optimal storage and stacking. In addition, these hand-held foldable containers are AIAG 48x45 compatible and offer key features that provide flexible use no matter what your application.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic carrying handles are designed for safer lifting
  • Foldable tote knock down ratios as high as 5:1
  • Custom access doors available
  • Compatibility with standard 48” x 40” pallet systems
  • Compatibility with AIAG 48" x 45" pallet systems
  • Lower transportation costs and warehouse storage costs
  • Large label and cardholder areas on each collapsible container provide easy identification and improved inventory control
  • Optional lids offer increased protection
  • Foldable functionality brings significant savings on inbound freight
All Monoflo products are proudly Manufactured in America