2022 was the Year of Giving

Giving back to the community is an important part of the culture at Monoflo International. Each year, Monoflo donates to local charities to support their cause.

In 2022, Monoflo donated an astounding $544,227 total to 13 charities that needed help! This overall amount includes $111,727 from employee contributions and the Monoflo company match that was made to Katie Teets Bradshaw Comfort House and the Winchester Rescue Mission collected from their annual Christmas Party.

The other local charities that received donations were: The Laurel Center, Blue Ridge Hospice, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Henry & Williams Evans Home from Children Inc., Highland Food Pantry, Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Sheltering, Franklin County Cancer Foundation Inc. in Ottawa, Kansas, Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, Windy Hill, Oakcrest School, and the U of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy.

Monoflo International is honored to be a part of making a difference by helping to support these important local organizations and continue the tradition of giving back.