Monoflo launches next generation nestable pallet, ideal for downstream distribution channels.

September 2020 – Winchester, VA

Monoflo International has launched its new Nestable 48 x 40 Pallet, the newest product in its next generation pallet line. Designed for one of the toughest applications, downstream grocery distribution, the NP 4840-6-IM-W G2 offers many features to deliver exceptional performance and extended product life.

This high-pressure injection molded pallet features a two-piece welded design, welded not only around the perimeter of the pallet but also throughout the pallet ribs, creating 35 in2 of welded surface area, offering superior performance with heavier loads while maintaining a low tare weight.

Understanding that it is common for forklifts to hit pallet feet causing them to shear off and be rendered useless, Monoflo engineers focused heavily on the foot design of this pallet, developing a patent pending Flex Foot that can bend to deflect impact rather than sheer off.

While nestable pallets offer desirable space saving storage and backhaul efficiency, many pallets can be challenging to denest when nesting deck to deck. This pallet’s recessed handholds enable manual operators to denest and grip the pallet with one manipulation, rather than first having to denest the pallet and then grab it to handle.

In an environment as fast paced as wholesale grocery distribution, it was important to consider load stability from initial loading and lifting to transporting under various types of acceleration. To address this, the NP 4840-6-IM-W design includes a specialized texture pattern across the pallet deck to reduce slippage. Optional features include additional texture around the perimeter of the top deck to increase main deck friction, top deck grommets, and deck lips to minimize load shifting.

Additionally, flow through drain holes in the feet of the pallet facilitate cleaning and sanitizing processes to ensure the pallet maintains its sanitary properties throughout its life. Made entirely from high-density polyethylene (HPDE), this product can be easily recycled at the end of its useful life. For more information on this pallet, call 540-771-3077 or complete a contact form to speak with a sales team member.

About Monoflo International, Inc.

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