Monoflo Releases New SO 6545-325 Tote

Monoflo International has launched the Automation Stack Only 6545-325 Tote, the newest addition to the SO tote line, that is designed for automated storage systems and high-speed conveyor systems. This Generation II model is available in both COPP and HDPE material, with double wall rounded corners and multiple interface points and allow for smooth handling and conveyer positioning.

The new 65” x 45” footprint has optional sidewall drain holes, that are designed and tested to comply with FM Global Fire Risk Management October 2020 Standards. Customized options allow for flat, ribbed, hybrid, or welded bottom, plus optional divider or Mini Tote System (MTS) slots options for various configurations. Made entirely of plastic, this product can be easily recycled at the end of its useful life, helping end user’s reach their sustainability goals. For more information on this Stack Only Tote, call 540-771-3077 or complete a contact form to speak with a sales team member.

About Monoflo International, Inc. Monoflo International, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of superior quality injection molded plastic products including bulk, foldable and food containers and pallets, bakery trays and dollies, and dairy crates. Monoflo leverages its decades of experience to provide innovative and cost-effective reusable packaging solutions to the general merchandise and food distribution, automotive and manufacturing, and specialty custom retail industries.