Monoflo's 2022 Summer Internships

Monoflo interns gain hands-on experience with summer internships

A vital part of our internal culture at Monoflo International is the availability of training and professional progression opportunities, and that includes our summer internship program.

What is the Monoflo Summer Internship Program? There are many different career paths in manufacturing, from Production and Maintenance to Customer Service and Accounting. The goal of Monoflo's summer internship program is to give interns valuable insight into all the opportunities available so they may better understand how they want to focus their education and pursue a career when they are ready to enter the workforce.

Our internship program is mutually beneficial as interns begin to build their resumes and gain valuable experience from skilled mentors that they can apply in their future roles, while Monoflo gets a first look at some of the talented people preparing to enter the job market. Many of our interns return to Monoflo after graduating as full-time employees, so it’s a win-win.

Monoflo's 2022 Summer Internships in Review As the summer draws to an end, so do our 2022 summer internships. This year, Monoflo had six interns join our team to gain hands-on experience related to their individual areas of interest in Sales, Engineering, Maintenance, Human Resources, and Production. We were able to catch up with one of those interns before she headed back to college in Washington, DC.

“It was a great experience learning from experts in the industry. I got the chance to help the inside sales and marketing teams and discovered that I have a passion for Sales! I hope to come back next summer and continue to utilize and grow my skill set.” – Anna, Monoflo International Summer 2022 Intern.

We wish Anna and all of our interns the best of luck in the coming school year and in their future careers.