Automation Containers

Monoflo’s investment in technology enables us to manufacture products faster, at a lower cost, with the same repeatable quality, order after order. Our automation containers are manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure reliability and complete conveyability in high-speed AS/RS systems.

Repeatable Quality for Seamless Integration

Stack Only Containers
Collapsible Containers
Stack & Nest Containers
Stack Only Containers
Recessed, ergonomic handles/grips offer optimal manual handling while not interfering with automated systems
Slots for multiple divider configurations
Double wall corners for smooth conveying
Designated barcode label areas with real-time verification
Optional side wall drain holes designed to comply with FM Global Fire Risk Managements October 2020 standard
Available with flat, ribbed, hybrid, or welded bottom
Collapsible Containers
Available with vented or solid side walls
Multiple labeling areas
Secure latch locks walls when erect; easy lift feature releases to fold when not in use
Ergonomic handles for easy carrying
Optional access door for easy part retrieval
Knock down walls offer return ratios as high as 5:1
Hybrid bottom design for smooth conveying of heavy loads
Stack & Nest Containers
Top rail bumpers increase impact resistance
Generously-sized ergonomic handles for easy and safe lifting
Angled label fields ensure accurate label scanning
Textured bottom pattern for enhanced grip during conveyance
Designated barcode label areas with real-time verification
Sturdy lip for secure stacking and 180 degree nesting option

Why Give Our Automation Containers the Last Look?

Choosing the Path of Quality

Why Monoflo

Our investment in technology drives higher quality, faster cycle times, and lower costs for our customers. Throughout our manufacturing process, we leverage decades of superior design, engineering, and production to make products that outlast and outperform the competition.

Our Customers

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