Bulk Containers

Our bulk containers set the industry standard by outperforming the competition while offering a better price. Re-engineered for more durability, highly-efficient stacking, and customizable with access doors and RFID tagging, we have the right bulk container to fit your specific application.

Setting the Bar for Bulk Containers

48" x 44.5"
48" x 40"
32" x 30" or 24" x 44"
Box-style carcass joint improves sidewall alignment offering increased strength and stability
Flex-hinge design with no fiberglass or metal offers complete protection and easy assembly/disassembly
High-pressure injection molded, two-piece compression heat-welded base is the most durable on the market
T-slot creates perfect alignment of sidewalls and better absorbs vertical force and impact
U-channel ribbing improves both vertical and horizontal deflections
Textured label areas eliminate the need for placards
Repairable all-plastic latches
Optional sidewall doors for easy access, available on either the 48” or 40” sidewalls
Bottom runners facilitate easy conveyability
Textured areas facilitate clean application and removal of adhesive labels, without tearing or leaving behind residue
“U-Channel” ribbing delivers superior load handling strength up to 1,800 lbs.
4-way forklift and pallet jack access streamlines handling and transport
Accommodates RFID tag insertion for improved lot tracking and traceability
All latches and hinges are 100% field repairable with ease
Textured label areas eliminate the need for placards
I-Beam construction with two-piece welded design creates the industry’s strongest, most durable base

Why Give Our Bulk Containers the Last Look?

Choosing the Path of Quality

Why Monoflo

With over one million bulk containers manufactured to date, continuous improvement is a way of life at Monoflo. In our reprocessing facilities, we've reviewed countless competitor containers to identify areas of breakage and wear. The result is a rigorously-tested, superior design and manufacturing solution that uses advanced injection molding to deliver the industry’s best performance-to-weight equation.

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