Poultry & Dairy Containers

From our new poultry container to the 16-quart dairy crate, Monoflo’s reusable food storage and transport products are compatible with existing containers as well as industry-standard automation, providing seamless system integration at the best prices.

Built to Perform in the Most Demanding Situations

Poultry Containers
Milk Crates
Poultry Containers
Large corner radii and channels for easy washing
Secure tie locking holes
Smooth interior walls designed to mitigate bacteria growth
Optional drain holes
Available with optional labelling and barcoding
Milk Crates
Designed for use in high-speed automated systems
Made from recycled material
Optional hot stamp or in-mold insert for improved lot traceability

Why Give Our Poultry and Dairy Containers the Last Look?

Efficiency, Accuracy, and Timeliness are Essential

Why Monoflo

We know that you're challenged with long lead times, lot tracking errors, product loss, and seasonal peaks. A packaging solution should help you manage and protect your investment so that you can reduce cost and keep your supply chain stocked, which is why we invest in the right technology, process, and people to provide the best solutions for your bottom line.

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