Stack & Nest Containers

Ideal for pick and pack operations and the choice of leading online retailers, Monoflo Stack and Nest containers are manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure reliability and complete conveyability in high-speed AS/RS systems.

Gets the Job Done Right

Stack & Nest
Top rail bumpers increase impact resistance
Generously-sized ergonomic handles for easy and safe lifting
Angled label fields ensure accurate label scanning
Textured bottom pattern for enhanced grip during conveyance
Designated barcode label areas with real-time verification
Sturdy lip for secure stacking and 180 degree nesting option

Why Give Our Stack and Nest Containers the Last Look?

A Partner With Proven System Integration Experience

Why Monoflo

We know that you need to meet exacting specifications and high performance demands. We also understand that packaging can’t be the cause of systematic failure, which is why we invest in the right technology, process, and people to develop highly consistent, repeatable, and durable products for a range of automation applications.

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