Straight Wall Containers for Manufacturing

Through years of design, engineering, testing, and significant investment in technology, Monoflo has developed the straightest straight wall containers in the industry. Manufactured using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our straight wall containers offer truly straight side walls and repeatable quality, order after order.

The Straightest Straight Walls – Every Time

For Manufacturing
For Manufacturing
Compatible with 48" x 45" AIAG pallet system
Reinforced external ribbing offers maximum strength and secure stacking
Optional textured sides eliminate need for placards
Optional hot stamping, ID tags, and cross-dock label cardholders
Available in flat and cross-stack bottoms
Optional ID tag area for identification

Why Give Our Straight Wall Containers the Last Look?

Choosing the Path of Quality

Why Monoflo

Our investment in technology drives higher quality, faster cycle times, and lower costs for our customers. Throughout our manufacturing process, we leverage decades of superior design, engineering, and production to develop straight walls for manufacturing applications that outlast and outperform the competition.

Our Customers

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