Storage & Logistics

A better, more cost-effective and flexible way to manage inflow of reusable packaging. Trust Monoflo to handle the associated logistics so you don’t have to.

Seamless Solution

Monoflo Logistics Services (MLS) is an exclusive service designed to help any Monoflo customer transition and integrate new containers, trays or pallets into their workflow when they are ready to do so. Whether a customer is growing, implementing automation or just in need of extra space, MLS satisfies three key needs:


A flexible, short-term storage solution that can be customized based on your project requirements


Short-term coordination of logistics from storage facility to customer’s facility


The most cost-effective, seamless solution

Full Service, Flexible, Sustainable & Cost-Effective

MLS offers customizable storage to accommodate your project schedules. We’ll store your order in our new logistic center close our manufacturing facility, and handle all the post production logistics. When you’re ready, we’ll coordinate shipment to your facility or desired location. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint because you’ll only pay for freight and labor at time of shipment.

Monoflo also offers ASRS Induction services for your automated system

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