Food & Bakery

Let our knowledgeable sales and design engineers help your food and baking operation flourish, from improving performance via automation to increasing capacity with innovative designs that maximize tray cube utilization.

Reduce Cost and Stay Stocked

Our food and bakery products are compatible with existing containers as well as industry standard automation, providing seamless system integration at the best prices in the industry.

What we deliver:

  • Cost-reduction strategies such as products that support direct-to-store delivery
  • Rugged, returnable, reusable long-life containers
  • 100% compatibility with industry-standard automation and existing trays for seamless integration
  • Easy-to-clean, sanitary designs
  • Available in FDA-approved colors/materials and a USDA-approved design
  • Customizable with colors and logo applications
  • 100% recyclable

Why Monoflo

Industry Expertise
Expertise leads to innovation, service, and a better bottom line. Our industry experts are ready to serve you.
Optimal Location
With facilities located near major metro areas, we help food and bakery customers drive down delivered cost.
Our investment in manufacturing technology means we can deliver you top-quality products at the lowest cost.

Our Customers

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