Manufacturing & Automotive

We understand that automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers need pallets and containers that will stand up to grueling demands. As the go-to supplier for reusable transport packaging, our products outperform the competition, test after test.

Keep Your Business Moving

No industry segment tests performance like automotive manufacturing. For over 40 years, our manufacturing clients have looked to us for highly-repeatable, precise solutions to meet their ever-changing demands.

What we deliver:

  • Expert, timely consultation on sourcing the most effective packaging strategies for part transport
  • Packaging solutions that easily integrate with your existing systems
  • The best strength-to-weight ratio of any bulk container in the business
  • Investment in technology that drives higher quality, faster cycle times, and lower costs for our customers
  • Growing line of bulk boxes, pallets and container systems for automotive and manufacturing operations

Why Monoflo

Quality & Consistency
By investing in cutting edge manufacturing technologies, we maintain highly-repeatable quality and consistency.
Proven Performance
Design and manufacturing process enhancements result in products designed for superior strength and durability.
Responsive Service
Industry experts with decades of experience stand ready to work with you on delivering a quality product at the lowest price.

Our Customers

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