Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Injection Molded Collapsible Bulk Containers

Plastic collapsible bulk containers are used for keeping goods safe and protected during transit and organized and clean when stored. They can accommodate large quantities of product and can be collapsed when not in use, saving storage space and shipping costs.

Benefits of Plastic Bulk Containers

Plastic bulk containers offer many benefits to their users:

Reusable & Repairable

Plastic bulk containers are reusable and have a long lifespan making them extremely cost-effective. They are also easily repairable, so if a piece does break, the container can be repaired quickly in the field and put back into use without causing disruption to productivity.

Plastic Bulk Containers are Recyclable

Once a plastic bulk container reaches the end of its useful life, it can be easily recycled, and the material can be used to make new products. Plastic bulk containers can also be manufactured using recycled material. And since the plastic they're manufactured with is reusable, it eliminates the waste of single-use packaging, contributing to a more sustainable packaging system.

Reduced Freight Costs

A significant benefit of a collapsible bulk container is reduced freight costs. They can be efficiently folded when empty and are lightweight compared to other containers on the market. This delivers back-haul efficiency, reduces your carbon footprint, and conserves valuable warehouse space when not in use.

Strength & Durability

Plastic bulk containers are incredibly durable and strong. Designed to withstand the rigors of a challenging supply chain, plastic bulk containers reliably protect the items they contain, offering superior product protection.

Why Choose High-Pressure Injection Molded Plastic Bulk Containers?

Different materials and molding processes are used to manufacture plastic bulk containers.

High-pressure injection molded bulk containers are among the top-performing containers in the industry.

Better Strength-to-Weight Ratios

Injection Molded Bulk Containers offer the best strength-to-weight ratios, demonstrated through in-depth comparative tests. High-pressure injection molded bulk containers continue to outperform products made through other processes. Their light weight also makes them more user-friendly than other bulk bins, as an individual person can erect or collapse the container quickly and without issue.

Significantly Less Breakage Than Structural Foam Containers

High-pressure injection molded bulk containers are more durable than other plastic containers on the market. They experience significantly less breakage than containers made of structural foam, another commonly used material in bulk container manufacturing.

Structural foam products contain large air pockets, creating brittle areas that diminish the structural integrity of the product. In contrast, high-pressure injection molded products are 100% plastic and contain no air pockets. This eliminates the risk of weak or brittle areas, providing better protection to the contents within the bulk box and delivering a longer product life.

Easily Repairable

Plastic bulk containers are also designed to be easily repairable in the field. For example, imagine a bin's sidewall is damaged after impact by a careless forklift driver. That sidewall can be swapped out in a matter of minutes. The bulk container is quickly returned to service rather than decommissioning the entire bin for isolated damage.

Why Monoflo for Bulk Collapsible Containers

A Leader in the Industry

Monoflo was one of the first manufacturers in the United States to make a bulk container using high-pressure injection molding, and we have over one million bulk containers made and in service today. Our bulk containers set the industry standard, delivering the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the industry.

Consistency & Quality

Cutting-edge automation and high-speed robotics are an integral part of our manufacturing, allowing us to maintain the highest possible repeatable quality and consistency. Technology helps deliver quality products and enables us to guarantee reliable repeatability so the first product in the run is exactly the same as the last.


Monoflo continues to make significant investment in technology. Our manufacturing cells combine the most advanced high-speed robotics, energy efficient molding machines, and high-end tooling to enable us to decrease cycle times while maintaining the highest quality standards. The result is a perfect bulk container at the lowest cost.

Simply put, Monoflo bulk containers are designed to perform, and they deliver on that promise.

Monoflo’s product experts have decades of experience and can help you find the right solution to meet your performance needs. We have a wide variety of sizes and customization options, including tracking technology like RFID and BlueTooth. Get in touch with our team today for more information or to check out our bulk container product offerings.