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We leverage the best technology to engineer reusable transport packaging products that use fewer raw materials while achieving superior quality, performance, and durability at the most competitive price in the industry.

Injection Molded Nestable 48” x 45” Pallet

Manufactured to the AIAG footprint, our new Injection Molded 48” x 45” Nestable Pallet is a cost-effective alternative to our Nestable Structural Foam 48” x 45” Pallet, offering similar strength capabilities with greater impact resistance. Following our current 9-Leg Nestable Design, we’ve incorporated the latest ribbing technology within the feet for impact resistance. The new NP4845-06 IM is built for durability in all Automotive and Manufacturing environments.

Key Features:

  • Built to accommodate the AIAG family of handheld containers
  • Four (4) ergonomic handles that are designed to enhance comfort during de-stacking
  • Nine legs equipped with impact ribbing to absorb side-force impact, and minimize potential damage, and deliver durability
  • Areas located at each corner, and above the center leg, to accept hot stamping, cross-dock labeling, and RFID Tag capabilities
  • 100% recyclability contributes to sustainability

New AIAG Straight Wall Containers for Manufacturing: NSO 2415-04, NSO 4815-07, and NSO 4815-11

We’ve added three additional AIAG compatible containers to our robust straight wall container catalog: the NSO 2415-04, NSO 4815-07, and NSO 4815-11. These containers were developed through years of research and testing that yields the straightest straight walls in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 48” x 45” AIAG pallet system
  • Optional hot stamping, cardholder placement, cross-dock labeling, and RFID commissioning for identification
  • Available in flat and cross-stack bottoms, as well as close or open hand holds
  • Reinforced external ribbing offers maximum strength, less warp for dunnage installation, and secure stacking
  • Optional textured sides eliminate need for placards

Generation III Stack Only Containers

Our Generation III Stack Only Containers are the newest addition to Monoflo’s Automation Container product line. With optional sidewall drain holes designed and tested to comply with FM Global Fire Risk Management October 2020 Standards, Generation III Stack Only Containers allow for the drainage of fire sprinkler water. Designed with double wall rounded corners and multiple interface points that enable robotic handling and conveyor positioning, the G3 Stack Only Container is ideally suited for automated storage systems and high-speed conveyor systems.

Key Features:

  • Recessed, ergonomic handles offer optimal manual handling while not interfering with automated systems
  • Slots for multiple divider configurations
  • Designated locations for barcode labeling
  • Double wall rounded corners for smooth conveying
  • Ideally suited for automated storage systems and conveyor systems

Generation II 26" x 21" Bakery Tray

Our Generation II 26” x 21” Bakery Tray (BK 2621-04ML G2) is designed to deliver enhanced lot tracking technology and improved durability when transporting tray stacks with hand trucks instead of dollies. We leveraged our in-mold labeling (IML) technology and original multi-level bun basket design to give to design the BK 2621-04ML G2 to give our customers full lot traceability with a customizable delivery platform. The Generation II design is fully compatible with the first generation for easy induction into an existing fleet.

Key Features:

  • Improved durability when transporting tray stack using hand trucks instead of dollies
  • Low sidewall for easy merchandise access
  • Generous inside radius and smooth surfaces protect against bag snag
  • Customizable with colors/logo for easy identification and inventory control

48” x 40” Collapsible Bulk Container

Our 48” x 40” Collapsible Bulk Container with two-piece compression and heat-welded base offers the best strength-to-weight ratios in the industry. The Container’s high-pressure injection molded design delivers strength and durability with smooth surfaces. This 48” x 40” footprint with 34” or 39” height options is ideally suited for food processing and general distribution applications.

Optional Top Cap available. Top Cap is available with or without secure latches to protect product inside and facilitate stacking.

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Key Features:

  • 48” x 40” footprint ideal for food processing and general distribution applications – Available in FDA approved material
  • Optional sidewall doors for easy access, available on either the 48” or 40” sidewalls
  • Bottom runners facilitate easy conveyability
  • Textured areas facilitate clean application and removal of adhesive labels, without tearing or leaving behind residue
  • “U-Channel” ribbing delivers superior load handling strength up to 1,800 lbs.
  • 4-way forklift and pallet jack access streamlines handling transport
  • Accommodates RFID tag insertion for improved lot tracking and traceability
  • Optional vent holes promote airflow, maintain desired temperature, and facility sprinkler evacuation for automated warehouse systems
  • Industry leading foldable design made from 100% recyclable material
  • Repairable all-plastic latches

Nestable 30” x 42” Pallet

With the compact 30” x 42” footprint, space-saving nestable design, and ergonomic handles, our Nestable 30” x 42” Pallet is ideal for direct store delivery applications, especially when space is limited. The Pallet’s lightweight design and ergonomic handles improve handling safety and efficiency. This pallet is 100% recyclable and available in recycled material.
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Key Features:

  • Impact resistant foot design reduces damage and promotes longevity
  • Handles for easy manual lifting
  • Large diameter drain holes facilitate cleaning and prevent water collection
  • Two (2) top deck lip height options minimizes unit load shifting
  • Top deck grommets for reduced slippage
  • Compact 30” x 42” footprint ideal for direct store delivery applications, facilitating maneuverability in tight spaces including doorways and narrow aisles

Rackable 48” x 40” Pallet

Designed to perform in both supported and unsupported edge racking applications, the Rackable 48” x 40” Pallet is ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Manufactured using FDA-approved material and USDA approved design, this pallet is available in both PP and PE with the flexibility to perform in any application.
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Key Features:

  • Hygienic, USDA one-piece flow through design aids in easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Top deck grommets for reduced slippage
  • Low profile runners promote easy use with manual equipment
  • Optional deck lips to combat unit load shifting
  • Standard 48” x 40” footprint ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries
  • RFID slots (2) allow RFID tag to be loaded at the time of manufacturing, or by end user after manufacturing and delivery

Nestable 48” x 40” Pallet

The space-saving nestable design improves efficiency, and minimizes the space needed for storage while maximizing backhaul quantities when empty. It’s patent pending Flex Foot design and crumple zone absorbs impact while resisting breakage and damage to key impact crash zones, delivering durability and longer product life.
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Key Features:

  • Two-piece welded design with enhanced internal deck ribbing delivers strength and durability with low tare weight, offering superior handling of heavier loads
  • Bumper ribs absorb impact energy for increased durability
  • Ergonomic handles enable gripping from any side and can be used to de-nest pallet even when flush with another pallet below. Handle placement facilitates safer handling and helps prevent operator injury
  • Textured top deck and optional top deck grommets offer reduced slippage
  • Embedded RFID tag locations on each side
  • Optional deck lips minimize unit load shifting
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